Shishlix brings the exciting flavours of the Middle East to diners in a beautifully designed space. Shishlix represents a marriage of Middle Eastern cuisine with strong influences from both traditional and local ingredients. Using time-honored classic cooking techniques and modern methods, has created dishes that showcase the regionally-specific spices and flavours of the East. The menu is a true coastal and cultural mosaic, served family style in a convivial atmosphere.

Coming from the land of Persia, we provide our customers with authentic Persian cuisine using recipes handed down to us through generations. Our dedication to cooking quality food and serving the healthiest Persian cuisine is what makes us one of the best Persian restaurants where you can feast the way Persians do. At Shishlix you will have an unforgettable experience bringing you back every week.

Our Professional Chef

Shahram Kyani is our experienced chef who creates the most delicious Persian foods with passion and the utmost care. Truly, he uses the same methods and traditions used for generations in Iran and makes it his priority to cook the food just the way you want it; quick, fresh and tasty.