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Shislix  Event catering


Shislix  Event catering
Established in 2006, Shishlix brings years of culinary experience and passionate dedication to catering. Under the direction of our team we ensures that you feel like a guest at your own function.
To design and execute the most incredible food experience for our clients, our kitchen is incredibly professional with years of experience. Shishlix Restaurant catered event, whether large or small, corporate or private – is a new adventure and a source of pride for our team. Shishlix Catering demonstrates a passion for providing extraordinary guest experience.
We are nothing more than a few great menu ideas and we believe in one thing in restaurant industry: ”good food is good business”
Shislix Event catering

Recommended menu:

The Package is $30 per person weekdays
$35 per person on Sundays and Fridays
$45 per person on Saturdays
• Free for Children under age 5

Dinner Will Be Served in a Buffet Style And Includes:


Mirza Ghasemi and Kashke bademjan
Mast Mosir and Mast khiyar
Hummus with Tahini and Dolmeh


Koobideh Kebab
Chicken Kebab ( white meat and dark meat)
Baghali polo With lamb
Plain Basmati Rice with Saffron on the top
Stew of the day
House salad

You are always more than welcome to add different entrees or appetizers to customize your order. we also offer whole salmon and lamb to add up to your table.

Whole baked lamb (34 lb) : $480
Whole baked stuffed Salmon (16 lb) : $180

Enjoy your night with us and let us know how we did
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